Furniture Upholstery Near Me

furniture upholstery near me

There’s no better way to breathe new life into a favorite chair or couch than to reupholster it. Reupholstery experts will strip the old fabric to the frame, replace it with fresh padding and springs and cover it with your choice of upholstery fabric. It’s a lot less expensive than buying brand-new furniture, and it will keep your antiques, family heirlooms and high-end designer pieces looking great for years to come.

If your sofa or dining chair is in decent shape but the fabric just doesn’t work with your new color scheme, reupholstering may be the answer. Many reupholstery services offer a wide range of fabric, from traditional to contemporary, including some that are made in the USA. In addition to making your furniture look new again, this process is environmentally friendly and a great way to save money by keeping your existing pieces in the home.

Most reupholstery services will only upholster items that are still structurally sound. The upholsterers will remove the existing fabric and take the piece down to its bones. The frame will be repaired, if necessary, and the springs will be replaced or new ones will be added, as needed. Then the piece will be covered with your chosen fabric, which can be a solid color, a print or something completely different.

Some upholsterers specialize in certain types of furniture, such as wing chairs or headboards. Others are more general and will work on any kind of upholstered piece. Redthreads, for example, works on anything from a side chair to a wing back or even an ottoman. Prices for reupholstery depend on the fabric used, which can start at $40 per yard.

The young and eldest of four siblings run this family-run business, which has been in business for 29 years. They’re known for their customer service, quality work and reasonable pricing. Owner Aby Freese is particularly skilled at matching patterns, which helps ensure that your furniture will look seamless. She can also do custom work, such as replacing the seat foam in a recliner or adding new padding to an antique rocking chair.

Furniture designers love Carlos Asmal because of his quick turnaround and attention to detail. He recently worked on a curved, shimmering two-toned velvet sofa that furniture designer Micah Rosenblatt designed, and it turned out beautifully for $1,700. Hector Diaz, at this unassuming shop on a residential strip in Ridgewood, has a reputation for good workmanship and low prices.

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